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10 Questions with Kendall Wilkinson (Part 1)

A born and bred West Coast designer, Kendall Wilkinson gravitates to a graceful yet less formal...

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Vervain Spring 2016 Collection

An exquisite collection of bold prints and textured wovens, Vervain introduces new patterns in...

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Stroheim Ori Linen Trim Collection

Enhance your space with a finishing touch of Stroheim’s new Ori Linen trim collection. With an...

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Director of Trimmings Sharon Cash Shares Her Top 10 Barry Dixon Trimmings

Sharon Cash Shares Her Favorite Barry Dixon Trimmings

Meet the talented face behind our...

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Looks We Love: Ombré Dream

Ombré Dream is inspired by nature’s mystical gradation of color from one shade to another or...

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Looks We Love: Layered Blues

Interiors adorned with layered blues are a natural extension of the blue and white style. Often...

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Looks We Love: Cashmere

Cashmere's namesake color has the same effect on the eye as the delicate wool itself: calming...

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Fabricut: Color Studio Chenilles – Volume III

Featured fabrics: Pompeii – Waterfall, French Quarter – Ruby, Bolivia – Scarlet and Jackson Hole...

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Looks We Love: Jade Green

Inspired from its namesake gemstone, this combination of deep emerald and turquoise was...

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Tulsa's 42nd Designer Showcase

Fabricut recently partnered with local designers Brenda Rice and Gina Miller of GHD Interiors on...

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