Interiors adorned with layered blues are a natural extension of the blue and white style. Often paired with white, the combination of varying shades of blue creates a crisp and clean aesthetic while adding dimension to a space. This monochromatic palette is often associated with clear thinking, calmness and harmony; ideal for setting the mood of any interior.

Featured Stroheim and Vervain products (clockwise from the top): Karma – Denim (02), Ikat Leaves – Azure (01), Cloudprint – Horizon (16), Canton – Cobalt Blue (01), Montenegro – Navy Blue (02), Comte Plaid – Haze (01)

To create our Layered Blues design scheme, we worked with fabrics and trimming from our Vervain and Stroheim brands. A range of blues from dusk blue to vivid ultramarine and cobalt harmonize beautifully in plaid, ikat, paisley and Asian influenced prints perfect for building a room that's traveled and inviting.

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