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Fabricut Trim Design Contest Winner Reveal: Keely Hersh

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The Fabricut Trim Design Contest has come to a close, and we were proud to announce the winner of the contest, Keely Hersh! The mood board that Keely entered into our contest was so lovely – we couldn't wait to see her bring the design to life. Now she has, and we're absolutely thrilled with the results. Read more about the design process and style below!


Fabricut Trim Contest’s Winner Keely Hersh Reveals Her Finished Design!

Written by Taryn Pearce

The winning 2021 Fabricut Trim Contest mood board becomes a finished Kitchen Nook design! Complete with drapes, Roman shade, table runner, and pillows, this dazzling look from Keely Hersh, owner of Right at Home Interiors in Sacramento, California, shows how to use trim to bring contrasting fabrics together into a harmonious completed design.

The look is as refined as it is playful, as cultured as it is wistful. In each aspect of this design, Hersh displays a range of techniques elevated by Fabricut’s trims and her detail-oriented approach. Let’s take a closer look at how Hersh’s design took shape.

The Mood Board Entry

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Hersh’s winning mood board features a combination of bold reds, sophisticated creams, and soothing blues. Accenting these gorgeous fabrics are two Fabricut trims:

Framed in the bottom left corner of the mood board is the sketch Hersh created for her client to show her the idea for the finished design. A wood ring from what would become the hardware for the design completes the board. 


The Design Style

Fabricut  003Hersh’s client selected a modern take on a traditional look for her Kitchen Nook. The modern touches include two Fabricut bead trims: A wood bead trim along the bottom edge of the Roman Shade and a bluebell bead trim which accentuates the pleat style pinch near the top of the red drapes. In addition, the hardware features a blue glaze finish and an oversized finial with a modern shape.


“I chose to sew Fabricut’s bluebell bead trim in such a way that it dances in a delicate pattern along the leading edge of the drapes.”

Keely Hersh 



The Roman Shade

Fabricut  004Hersh fabricated and installed a faux Roman shade in a cozy blue linen fabric (Fabricut’s Fellas / Lake) the client adored. She sewed Fabricut’s wood bead trim with blue tape along the bottom edge. The sophisticated solid blue linen fabric of the shade contrasts with the daring red printed fabric of the drapes to create an energized look that uplifts the entire room.


“To jazz up the Roman shade, I added Fabricut’s wood bead trim with blue tape along the bottom edge. The trim stands out against the blue linen and really makes the design sing."

Keely Hersh


The Fabricut Trimmings

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While the fabrics in the room are stunning, without the two Fabricut trims Hersh selected for the design, the look simply wouldn’t be complete. Both choices add visual interest, texture, and additional pops of color to pull each individual component of the design together into one unified look. 



Bluebell Bead Trim

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First, Keely used a dainty bluebell bead trim with scalloped ribbon edge from Fabricut on the leading edge of the red interlined drapes. She sewed the trim between the main drapery print and a red faux welt. The edge of each drape is finished off with a gauzy cream fabric that is box-pleated at every bead to give rhythm and flow all the way down the leading edge of the drapes.

The trim brings blue tones into the curtains, which creates more harmony with the other design components, such as the Roman shade and hardware. It also adds a visually appealing repeating texture to the edge. 



“Usually this type of trim is attached so it hangs horizontally, but I used it along the leading edge of the drapes vertically. I placed the trim so that the light still catches the beads and adds the perfect glow. The beads on this trim add so much to the drapes that could not be accomplished another way."

Keely Hersh


Wood Bead Trim

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Hersh needed a finishing detail to add to the Roman shade, and Vern Yip’s wood bead trim from Fabricut was the perfect choice. She knew the wood beads would add the right amount of texture to the look of the Roman shade and were striking enough to stand out among the other details in the design.

Hersh sewed the wood bead trim onto the Roman shade so that the ‘V’ of the threads that hold the beads would lay on top of the blue linen fabric. She loves how the Ombre finish on the trim’s tape added a dimensional detail to the edge of the Roman shade.


“The ‘V’ is a different shape than is featured anywhere else in the design. I wanted it to have impact. Had I sewed the trim lower on the Roman shade, it would have been lost against the light of the window. This way, the bead’s signature modern shape stands out and adds so much texture and beauty to the design."

Keely Hersh 


Table Runner with Bluebell Bead Trim Detail

Fabricut  008Hersh’s use of Fabricut’s trim goes beyond the Kitchen Nook’s window treatment. She created a table runner out of the same red printed fabric, red faux welt, and bluebell bead trim. The detail of the beads skimming the surface of the table adds a playful element to the look. In addition, the bluebell bead trim carries the blue color to the table, which again creates greater harmony in the room. 


From Mood Board to Completed Design!


Fabricut  009Fabricut’s trims added the extra-special details Hersh wanted for this traditional-with-a-twist Kitchen Nook design. From mood board to completed design, Hersh shows her expertise in design and fabrication that allowed her to find the perfect application for each of her trim choices.


“You know your design choice is right when you look at it and don’t have to think about it anymore - you just know it goes together. And when it works, the result is dazzling! The client was thrilled with the design, and I was happy, too – thanks to Fabricut’s beautiful trims!"

Keely Hersh


Fabricut materials used:





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KeelyHersh, owner of Right at Home Interiors, is a true authority in window treatments and interior design. In her 30 years in business, she has earned her reputation as a detail specialist with custom-made drapes, roman shades, bedding, pillows, and more. Her designs are consistently picked up and shared on social media, and she’s been featured in multiple local and national publications as a subject expert in fabrics and trims, drapes, and interior design. A five-time VISION International Design Awards winner, Keely helps clients achieve a look they love through small changes, large renovations, custom pieces, and everything in between.

You can learn more about Keely’s work on her website.


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