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Pattern Play 2022

Inspired by some of design’s biggest moments, our newest Pattern Play selections explore a range of...

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Bea Bonafini's Artistic Take on Interiors

Art and interiors have a past that is well intertwined and share a future full of potential. With...

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Fabricut Trim Design Contest Winner Reveal: Keely Hersh

The Fabricut Trim Design Contest has come to a close, and we were proud to announce the winner of...

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The Natural Beauty of Fabricut's Leather

Our world is perfectly imperfect, and natural beauty is most brilliant when products are at their...

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Quick Ship Q&A With Sallie Lord of GreyHunt Interiors

Fabricut introduced our Quick Ship drapery program to offer designers a range of semi-custom...

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Destination Inspiration: Travel Through Textiles

Textiles have a way of transporting us. Whether it’s to a destination or through time, the fabrics,...

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Following Vern’s 3 R’s to Creating Rosemary Beach House

Relax. Reenergize. Restore. These principles drive Vern Yip whether he’s designing for a client or...

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The Art of Handcrafted Textiles

There is something unmistakably appealing about the handmade. The rich history of textiles as one...

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Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Panels

Fabricut is excited to launch our new Quick Ship Drapery Panel program, designed to bring...

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Art Is Not an Afterthought

Or, why art advisors should be brought into design projects early (and often!)

As designers, we...

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