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Destination Inspiration: Travel Through Textiles

Textiles have a way of transporting us. Whether it’s to a destination or through time, the fabrics, trimmings, wallcoverings and decorations that fill a room can whisk someone off to a different place. This year has us all longing for travel. With our homebound reality and staycations as our destinations, we’ve put together inspiring color palettes that bring the beauty of travel inside the home. Relax and take a trip around the world (at home) with these globally inspired selections! 


Visit a frosty wonderland with this Icelandic color palette. Featuring quiet neutrals, metallic accents and enchanting teals and greens, this color palette will bring the fascination of the Northern Lights in winter to the home. We can hear the snow crunching beneath our feet now!


Exacto - Navy       Inlay - Mineral.      Fashion Geo - Glacier

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Journey to Santorini with these coastal-inspired textiles. Filled with breezy blush pinks, crisp whites and breathtaking blues, this color palette evokes the feeling of open salty skies, boundless waters and iconic architecture.


Esposito - Ocean       Colortide - Blush.      Layers - Watercolor-1

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Just say “Oui” to Paris! Filled with architectural greys, subdued emeralds and romantic lilacs, this color palette has a certain je ne sais quoi. Warm a croissant and close your eyes — you might just believe you’re there.


Bagerhat - Pine       Passages - Pewter.      Watercolor Wave - Heather-1

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The saying may go “when in Rome,” but these textiles will have you saying “when at home!” Evoke the statuesque beauty and iconic architecture Rome is known for with this color palette featuring regal neutrals, eye-catching metallics and hints of muted blues. 


50172W Cachemire - Gold 05       Rupi - Spun Gold.      West Loop - Linen

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Relaxation and rejuvenation is synonymous with Tahiti. This color palette soothes and delights with refreshing greens, sandy neutrals and pops of vibrant coral pinks. Bring the island life inside with these textiles inspired by the beauty of Tahiti and create your own cabana!


Pointillism - Raffia       Chondo - Honey Mix.      Urban Jungle - Catalina

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Take a trip to Tokyo and experience the balance of historic architecture and rich nature. Filled with decadent navys, alluring corals and metropolitan neutrals, this color palette merges the hustle and bustle of the city with its stunning settings and distinctive nature. 


50037W Adelaida - Indigo 02       Echelon - Sapphire.      Easel - Sienna

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