Cashmere's namesake color has the same effect on the eye as the delicate wool itself: calming and downy soft. This pure neutral color brings extravagance and grace to the interior palette.

In the world of couture fashion, cashmere is being paired with crisp white to highlight the fresh neutral shade. Cashmere's warm and clean neutral tone is a pleasing accompaniment and base for nearly every color in the spectrum. Our designers pulled fabrics, trimming and wallcovering from our Vervain and Stroheim brands to create a serene design scheme that lends the same irresistible-to-the-touch look as cashmere itself.

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Featured Stroheim and Vervain products (clockwise from the top): Swanky Leno – Meringue (01), Banani – Natural (01), Cabrini – Gardenia (01), Silk Velvet – Cashew (02), Silvana – Natural (02), Angora Sheer – Snow Sky (03), Sabang Silk – Champagne (02), Trocadero – Sahara (02)


How are you using cashmere tones in your design projects? What are some of your favorite ways to work this soft neutral into a room?

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