Inspired by the palettes, patterns and textures found in the worlds of fashion and food, our design team pulled together a design scheme we call Citrus Zest. Building our look around the clean, vibrant lemon-lime hue, we worked with complimentary charcoal, linen, and pale grey to create a look that shows a little of this bold color truly goes a long way.

Featured Fabricut and Trend products (clockwise from top): Evander - Meadow 01, 50102W Tasso - Charcoal-01 501, Sabalo - Lemon 03, 01367 - Lime 95, Tatiana - Citrine 114, Perforated - Chartreuse 05, 03347 - Chartreuse 12, 02919 - Lemon Zest 04, 03374 - Yellow Grey 02

Loving the hues in this scheme? Browse more options from Fabricut and Trend, and let us know what hues you're loving lately!

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