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How to use pattern in an industrial modern space

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Designing in a modern and industrial space? Masculine lofts with historical brick details are what our city-dwelling dreams are made of - but how do you take it one step further and use a unique pattern alongside those rough edges?

That's where our Fabricut French General collection by Kaari Meng comes into play beautifully. Using both French-inspired designs and tons of pattern, the French General collection is as versatile as it is playful and sophisticated. 

French General grey trimmings in an industrial modern space

Using trimmings alongside these patterns can help tone down the pattern in a space by giving it solid lines and simple touches. Some of the trimmings featured above: 

Josette Cotton - Bisque | Tautou - Flint | Manon - Coal | Trelliage - Chambray

Kaari Meng is an inspiration - and a great place to meet in the middle between traditional fabrics and upcoming trends that inspire. Fabricut partnered with Kaari Meng and her French General brand to bring the lived-in simplicity of the French countryside into homes around the world. Many of the beautiful, natural textiles are gently prewashed and faded to blend in with the unique light of the French countryside, capturing a lived-in look that's soft, worn and comfortable.

French General gray fabrics with pattern

It can be difficult to take patterns and mix them to a client's satisfaction - let alone in an industrial space! However by incorporating these dark colorways and playful but classic patterns, any space can be transformed in a unique and fresh way:

Arbe Toile - Ash | Orsay - La Mer | Basilica - Coal | Cassis - Grey | Pondicherry - Grey | Orleans - Chambray

One of our favorite ways to use pattern is to upholster a classic bench (like the one pictured below) with a fabric that has both texture and depth. Additionally pairing a hanging tapestry, interesting pillows and trimmings, as well as pulling it all together with similar tonal accessories really bring a room together!

French General grey fabrics and trimmings in a brick industrial modern loft

How do you plan to use patterns in your unique spaces? Have you found a way to bring French influence into an industrial space? We'd love to see these French General patterns out in the wild - as well as the shots that inspire you!

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