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Director of Trimmings Sharon Cash Shares Her Top 10 Barry Dixon Trimmings

Sharon Cash Shares
Her Favorite Barry Dixon Trimmings

Meet the talented face behind our trimming collections for Fabricut, Stroheim, Vervain and Trend: Director of Trimmings, Sharon Cash.

She's been a student of all things trimmings for over 20 years and from an early age has been influenced by couture fashion and the contemporary art world.

When designing and developing trimmings, Sharon loves to mix-and-match materials and construction methods to create specialty items, and also takes a page straight from the fashion world to incorporate a "high-low" mix.

We asked Sharon to compile a list of her favorite trimmings from the two collections she collaborated on with Barry Dixon for Vervain.

Here are Sharon's Top 10 Barry Dixon Trimmings:

Temeric_Metallic_#1Ribbon_Candy_#2Xylem_Platinum_#3Fleur_Melon_#5 Leafprint_Emerald_#6Cortina_Cashmere_#8Andalusia_AntiqueGold_#10


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