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Supporting Local Art: Philbrook Museum Restoration Project

Fabricut has always enjoyed helping the community projects of our city - and the Philbrook...

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Fabricut and the 2017 One Room Challenge

It's that time of year again - the One Room Challenge is in full swing and there are some...

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Earth Day: EcoBalanza Handcrafted Furniture

For Earth Day 2017, Fabricut highlighted a handmade furniture manufacturer that uses our...

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Let Spring Inspire You: Pantone® Spring 2017



Spring has most definitely sprung, and we are dying to introduce some spring colors...

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How to use pattern in an industrial modern space

Designing in a modern and industrial space? Masculine lofts with historical brick details are...

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Looks We Love: Citrus Zest

Inspired by the palettes, patterns and textures found in the worlds of fashion and food, our...

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10 Questions with Kendall Wilkinson (Part 2)

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10 Questions with Kendall Wilkinson (Part 1)

A born and bred West Coast designer, Kendall Wilkinson gravitates to a graceful yet less formal...

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Vervain Spring 2016 Collection

An exquisite collection of bold prints and textured wovens, Vervain introduces new patterns in...

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Stroheim Ori Linen Trim Collection

Enhance your space with a finishing touch of Stroheim’s new Ori Linen trim collection. With an...

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