Supporting Local Art: Philbrook Museum Restoration Project

Fabricut has always enjoyed helping the community projects of our city - and the Philbrook Museum of Art located in the historic district of Tulsa, OK is no exception. Fabricut has been a long-standing supporter of the Philbrook Museum of Art in its effort to support the arts and culture of our city.

When the museum reached out to Fabricut last year concerning a need to replace the historic drapery featured in one of their exhibits, we were happy to answer the call. Fabricut took on this project as a donation towards the great relationships we have enjoyed through the Philbrook Museum, and in supporting the arts throughout our Tulsa community. 

Philbrook Museum - Drapery Left: Original Drapery | Right: New Installed Drapery 

We began to search through our family of brands for a fabric and pattern that embodied the same original details and colorways of the drapery that needed to be replaced. Fortunately, we found an amazing match: Vervain's Beaver Creek Damask (featured above on the right, with the original drapery fabric on the left).

Philbrook Museum Damask Close-up

This colorway was made to match the specifications of the museum - we matched the color of the 1920’s damask that was being replaced in this gallery, with a new and fresh fabric in the same tone. Damasks were in high style in the late 1920’s when this home was built, and we needed to find a damask within the same genre and with similar features of the original.

A little about the Philbrook Museum: The museum property, a 72-room mansion and surrounding 23 acres of grounds, was given by its owners as a gift to be used as an art center for the city of Tulsa. The integrity of the original residence remains intact while later additions to the facility and gardens complete this classic Tulsa attraction... Serving over 160,000 visitors annually, Philbrook has become a poignant testimony to Tulsa's past while building a shining example of this city's bright future (via Philbrook).

Nina Butkin, Vice President of Design for Fabricut, Inc. noted that "Fabricut was honored to support the Philbrook Museum of Art, a treasure in the history of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fabricut was founded sixty-three years ago in Tulsa and is committed to preserving the history of this city. The Philbrook and Fabricut, Inc are both organizations that highly value decorative arts & the influence that being surrounded by fine art and beautiful spaces can have on everyone in our community."

If you are in the area, Philbrook Museum is a wonderful treat and we'd encourage any visitors to stop by. If not, see our collection of this pattern in the flatshots below - we'd love to see your historical projects!


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