Custom Gift Ideas for your Clients

The holidays are upon us, and that means so is the joy of gifting! Everyone knows that getting an unexpected gift is a treat - but when the creative juices begin to run out... you might be left wondering what to get your most beloved clients.

Not to worry friends, we're here to help inspire you! 

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Something Practical

Whether you're working with a client on their first home or this is a beloved repeat client that you've worked with on multiple occasions - everyone can use something useful. 

The best gifts are ones that are used and are a consistent reminder of your relationship with the client. Perhaps it's a new wine decanter for the couple who loves to entertain? Or for the business owner who works from home, perhaps it's a new custom set of stationery to compliment their note taking. 

We also love the idea of using something from your design, and working it into a practical-use item. Whatever the client, whatever the price range, there is always success to be found in something practical and thoughtful. 

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Something Personal 

Have you ever worked with a client who just LOVED something specific - and every time you see this item out in the world - you're reminded of the client? 

Be it an obsession with flamingos to geodes to the color of their favorite artwork - when clients have a thing, you can't go wrong with embracing it!

Does your client just obsess over stripes (like the ones in their home from your living room design)? Great! Use that as a guide to get them something that falls within their obsession. 

We love this idea because it shows that you are paying attention to your clients' interests but also have gone out of your way to make the gift personal.

It's these touches that keep clients coming back - it lets them know that you care about their personal aesthetic and pay attention to their true tastes. 

Custom Gift2118.jpgSomething Thoughtful

Some of our favorite stories from designers are when they went above and beyond for their client.

From sourcing the perfect piece of art to re-purposing a family heirloom so it coordinates with the clients' newly implemented design - taking that extra step is what sets great designers apart from the pack. 

When considering gifts for clients that have a lot of depth, we suggest looking to the interests of your client and basing your gift ideas off the items they treasure.

For example there's nothing simpler nor more elegant than a perfectly framed document for a  home - be it a family photo, an article about the clients' success, or the blueprints of the historical home they now live in. 

Custom Gift2075.jpgSomething Memorable 

So you have a quirky client with very specific likes and dislikes? Find a gift that will remind them of your relationship as well as meet their tastes. 

Perhaps when working on the initial design, the client obsessed over your marble bookends found in your office -  now they can have a set of their own! 

Or for the client who is more friend than acquaintance, give them a gift that will remind them of your relationship - be it focused around elements of your design work or a memorably encounter you've shared together. 

We can't emphasize enough the importance of picking gifts that really show the client that you put thought into it. 

Custom Gift2083.jpgSomething Custom 

Struggling to think of options for the client who has it all? What about something unique and completely custom!

Etsy is a great place to dream up unique finds - and you can use your client's favorite elements from your designs in their custom gift. 

Did you client fall head over heels for the pink tassel trim adorning their throw pillows? Maybe a custom bag using the same trim will wow them! 

We love the idea of using non-traditional materials and your clients' specific tastes to develop gifts that stand-out.

 Custom Gift2105.jpg  Custom Gift2133.jpg

From using the scrap fabric from the clients' custom draperies to saving some trim used on their new pillows - the wow factor behind developing something custom will please even the most difficult to shop for client! 

Are you inspired by the gifts featured in this post? Thank you! These were all custom gifts we had created out of our own products, for some of our team members. They're not for sale, but we had them created to show you how easy it is for you to get creative with your favorite design products! 

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Did we miss any ideas? Let us know what you think makes a great holiday client gift! 

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