Inspired from its namesake gemstone, this combination of deep emerald and turquoise was prominently displayed at Maison & Objet. Shades of this greenish-turquoise are top color choices in paint but the jewel-toned color makes a dramatic statement and feels fresh in fabrics and trimmings.


Known for its calm, tranquil quality, jade green lends a relaxing quality to interiors and exteriors.

We've continued to keep an eye on this color, and going in to 2018, jade has continued to come up as a color trend, now being paired with other earthier pastels like mint and sage.

We've pulled together a selection of our favorite jade-hued fabrics and trimmings from Fabricut and Trend to spark inspiration:

About the products:

Bachmann – Calypso (Fabricut, Cord Library Trimmings):
Multiple components are braided together to create texture and sheen in a ⅜” cord on tape.

Beauvoir – Lagoon (Fabricut, Vignettes – Volume XIV): A grand-scale tree of life printed with a batik look on linen.

Pareto – Jade (Fabricut, Vignettes – Volume XIV): An organic puzzle motif on a cut velvet texture.

02022 – Balsam (Trend, Sleek Satin – Volume II): One-of-a-kind drapable fabric with the luxurious hand of silk slipper satin.

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This blog was updated in June 2018 to reflect the most up-to-date information on color trends and current product inventory.


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