Dana Gibson partners with Stroheim for a fabrics and wallcoverings collection. With the launch of her vibrantly fresh collection, Stroheim sat down with Dana to discuss art, design and her inspirations.

Q1: How would you describe your signature style?
Dana: This is the hardest question of all because I like so many different styles. I would say I am classic with a large dose of bohemian. I like to throw ethnic textiles in with more modern clean looks. It’s kind of how I dress. Whether putting a collection of decorative accessories together or creating a fabric and wallcovering line, you want the components  to come together and  have a dramatic and interesting effect. Large-scale, bold colors on a neutral ground of white with a touch of something exotic is a perfect formula for a room or for a fabric collection.

Q2: What are your sources of inspiration and who are your design icons?
Dana: I loved art history and learned early on, what’s happening today in art and design references to what’s happened before. The best I can do is to keep my eyes open. Pattern pops up everywhere; in news coverage of the Middle East, on movie sets and in shelter magazines. I love it all and try to put my own spin on what I see. As far as designers go, I guess Sister Parish is a style icon for me as she put a fresh spin on the antiques filled home and was very pragmatic and unfussy. Christian Lacroix is a design idol as well as Matthew Williams, both fearless designers. I like English interior design probably for the same reason.

Q3: What is your favorite possession? Why?
Dana: I really like a press glassed box I found once at a flea market. It’s dressy and jewel-like and has a feeling of preciousness. Other than that, my husband and children, if they count as possessions.


Q4: What is your favorite room in your home? Why?
Dana: My bedroom is probably my favorite place now; we just redid it. My husband is a  general contractor so we took the wall down between two rooms and carved out a larger master bathroom. I didn't have any idea of how I wanted it to look until I found a pretty hand-painted Mexican cabinet in turquoise and orange. We pickled the doors to a wall of closets and painted the floor white. It has a serene and airy effect. My favorite linens for a bed are blue and white. The sheets definitely don't match the turquoise accents, which is preferred.  Not everything should match.

Q5: How is designing fabrics/wallcoverings different from or similar to your design process for ceramics and other retail products?
Dana: It’s actually very similar. I choose a color palette for a group of products and the goal is to make them intermix. Small-scale and large-scale make an impact together.  With the wallpaper and fabric collection, I was able to use more color and saw so many great combinations.

Q6: What intrigued you most about creating a fabrics and wallcoverings collection?
Dana: I have always wanted to design fabrics and wallpaper. When I was 14, my mother hung Laura Ashley wallpaper in my bedroom and it completely transformed my attic room. A room can go from dull to a magical haven. Even one wall papered with a large-scale design is dynamic, so having a line of wallpaper is very exciting. I also have always been intrigued by pattern. There is something comforting about a design repeating over and over.

Next Friday, March 28: 10 Questions with Dana Gibson, Part 2

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