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Vern Yip for Trend – Orange/Poppy

25867Featured fabrics: 03188 – Orange (drapery & front pillow), 03186 – Burnt Orange (duvet cover & back pillows), 03185 – Silver Sunset (middle pillow) with 03320 – Orange (trim).

From bold, energetic shades to warm, inviting hues, Vern Yip for Trend’s Orange/Poppy color book features a palette that blends modernity with versatility. Spice up neutral spaces with the optimistic hue or layer it for a dynamic look. With a color strength that turns cozy into vibrant, Vern’s Orange/Poppy palette adds a burst of color to any interior setting.

Watch how Vern uses the collection throughout his Atlanta home and how he hopes you'll use these fabrics and trimmings to create eclectic environments to share your story.

Vern Yip for Trend: Eclectic Environments from Fabricut, Inc. on Vimeo.

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