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Vern Yip for Trend – Natural/Sesame

NY025A focus on timeless quality and design, the Vern Yip for Trend collection pairs them with today’s most important design trends. 

The Natural/Sesame color palette reflects clean, livable neutrals and projects a quiet retreat intertwined with a touch of softness and airiness.

A warm and inviting range of hues, the Natural/Sesame color book adds elegance and sophistication in an assortment of patterns and textures.

View the Natural/Sesame color book and more of the Vern Yip for Trend collection online at



Fabrics featured:
03357 – Gold (12” x 22” throw pillow) / 03314 – Elephant (trim), 03359 – Pewter (16” x 28” throw pillow) / 03314 – Gold (trim), 03358 – Grey (lamp shade) / 03315 – Elephant (trim), 03350 – Charcoal and Mustard (18” square pillow) / 03321 – Gold (detail) / 03315 – Elephant (trim).

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