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Be Inspired: 10 Questions with Vern Yip, Part 1

26540Vern's home in Rosemary Beach

Award-winning interior designer and HGTV personality Vern Yip collaborates with Trend to reveal a fabric and trimming collection. With the launch of his eclectic and inviting collection, Vern Yip sat down with Trend to discuss design, trends and inspirations.

Q1: What are your top three reasons you have become so successful as an interior designer? – Denise Costerus via email
It's certainly not easy to become successful in almost any field but the popularity of interior design has made it a particularly competitive field. The three reasons I attribute my success the most to are:
a. A solid education
b. The ability and desire to listen
c. Hard work

Q2: What was the turning point in your career to becoming famous?
– Melinda Peters Elliott via email
It was never a goal of mine to become famous. The goal for me was always to be a working architect and interior designer... and to support my family through my work. In the year 2000, I won Southeast Designer of the Year and got my name in press pieces that eventually landed on the desk of the production company putting together the first season of Trading Spaces. The rest is history!

Q3: What would you want people to feel like when they enter their home decorated with your fabrics? – Cristina Alvergue via email
My hope would be for folks to feel that my fabrics helped to make their homes feel special and uniquely them. I want everyone's home to be their favorite place and the goal of my fabrics is to be an affordable tool to get them there!

Q4: As a residential designer, how do you assist your clients in combining new, updated trends in fabrics and accessories with their existing décor?
– Taylor Tucker via email
Vern: I always feel that a home should be a physical manifestation of the homeowners. We're all multi-faceted and our homes should reflect all of our aspects so that it fits like a perfectly tailored suit. I think its important for designers to stay on top of trends and to share them with their clients if it suits who they are, but it's ultimately more important to ensure that all of your client's existing and new items (trendy or not) are items they truly love.

Q5: What interior designer has influenced you the most and why? – Susan Sutherlin via email
Vern: I think I've been influenced the most by architect I.M. Pei and his design for the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. I used to spend a lot of time there as a little boy and marveled at how beautiful and pure the entire design was; it's a tremendous project. Later on, I had the good fortune to meet him when I was choosing graduate architecture programs to attend. He guided me to the Georgia Institute of Technology where I eventually received my Master in Architecture and my M.B.A.

Q6: What has been the one most design "rule" that you carry in your mind to every project? – Susan Sutherlin via email
Spend the time and make the effort to be a good listener and to genuinely be interested in the lives of your client.

41135Vern's home in Atlanta

Next Tuesday, December 16: 10 Questions with Vern Yip, Part 2  

Thank you to all those who submitted questions to Vern! Congratulations to Denise Costerus, Melinda Peters Elliott, Cristina Alvergue, Taylor Tucker, Susan Sutherlin, Janet strum, Rebecca Kemeny, Jilbert Gandjian, Charlotte Harris, Casa Vilora Interiors and Barbara Erwin. Your special gift is en route!

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