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Be Inspired: 10 Questions with Isaac Mizrahi, Part 2


Q6: What is your favorite element or possession?
Isaac: I collect things. Textiles of all kinds. Dresses, kimonos; also gorgeous old damasks and woven upholstery fabrics. I would say my textile collection is my greatest collection.

IsaacAd_2013 Featured Pattern: Big Damask - Indigo

Q7: Where do you, as a fashion designer, discover the next trend?
- Celia Barrett, via e-mail
I'm not really a 'trend' designer. I think of things that don't bore me and I do them and I hope they catch on. But in my mind, everything I do is - or will eventually be - classic.

Q8: What is the best career advice you've ever received? Ever gave?
Isaac: I never received very much good career advice. And I don't think there is such a thing because everyone's life is different. The only advice I can give is DO NOT LISTEN TO ADVICE! Unless, of course, you agree with it. 


Q9: Recognizing how important 'street fashion' trends are in apparel fashion, do you also see the relevance to home furnishings fashion, and if so, are their examples you can explain?
- Sharon Cash, via e-mail
I think this idea of 'street fashion' is most important in the home category. Nothing pretentious or over-designed ever works in the interior. If it's fussy, it's not any good. Invention is what motivates good interior design. Invention of things that help solve the everyday problems. Inventions that help lift the spirits. And those things always come from our surroundings in the outside world or 'the street' if you will.

Q10: What is the best household accessory that a woman could have to dress up a room?
- Amanda, via Twitter
The best accessory a woman can have is the right fireplace tools. That assumes she has a wonderful fireplace and that's the ultimate room maker!


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Thank you again to all those who submitted questions! Congratulations to Randy Davidson, Celia Barrett, Kent Oellien, Teresa D’Orazio and Amanda; your special gift is en route!

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