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Be Inspired: 10 Questions with Isaac Mizrahi, Part 1

Isaac Mizrahi has always approached his designs with an irreverent sense of color, pattern and texture. On the heels (fashion pun intended) of his second fabric collection, S. Harris sat down with Isaac to talk design, fashion and his inspirations.

10 Questions with Isaac Mizrahi, Part 1Isaac Mizrahi

Q1: What are your sources of inspiration and design icons?
Isaac: I am inspired by so many things and people. Flowers in my garden. The theatre. Colors that appear everywhere in life from the color of a bird to the color of a candy wrapper.

Q2: What is your favorite room in your home?
Isaac: My favorite room is my den. It’s full of mad color and pattern. I read. I watch TV. I cuddle with my dogs. I live in that room the most.

Q3: What sense other than seeing and feeling inspire your creativity for design? - Randy Davidson via e-mail
I’m very inspired by music. I have synesthesia, which is a phenomenon that makes certain color appear when music is heard. I think it’s why I’m good at theatre design because in the theatre, color is everything. And when it’s right, it makes something, anything – a dance, a play, an opera – better and easier to love.

Q4: What is your favorite fabric from the new collection?
- Kent Oellien via e-mail
I think my favorite textile in the collection is an item called Gatopardo. I just love the fresh modern take on leopard. And you know what? Diana Vreeland said: “This world with a leopard. Who would want to be there?”

Q5: How can a woman age gracefully without her wardrobe looking dowdy or absurdly youthful? - Teresa D'Orazio via e-mail
I think as a woman ages she needs to look less in the mirror and feel things more. It’s no longer how clothes look; it is how they feel. If you’re 70 and the shortest skirts feel right, then they are NOT too young no matter what anyone says (some girls feel wrong in short skirts when they’re 18). I think aging gracefully is to think less and feel everything more and more.

Next Thursday 10/31: 10 Questions with Isaac Mizrahi, Part 2

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